About Revolution Research and Clinical Trials


Revolution Research is a clinical research company based in Austin, TX. Revolution Research provides clinical staffing (CRAs) to sponsors, sponsor consulting services, and study execution services for investigative research sites. More specifically, the scope of Revolution Research services includes project management consulting, CRA staffing and conducting Ophthalmic clinical research studies.

Revolution Research is a highly motivated clinical research company dedicated to an unparalleled level of ethics, quality and precision. We have parlayed our 23 years of research experience and expertise into Revolution Research. Our reputation for excellence and quality is well established among sponsor colleagues, physicians and patients in the research industry.

Revolution Research standards are NEVER compromised and we meet all timelines set&nbspforth.


What We Do

CRA Staffing Services – a superior approach versus staffing/recruiting agencies

  • We guarantee quality by only providing CRAs that we have a previous DIRECT relationship managing them, or a CRA via a direct referral of a trusted colleague
  • In doing so we provide premium, experienced CRAs as staffing resources for sponsor studies
  • We WILL NOT provide a CRA resource to a sponsor without being fully apprised of their quality, work integrity and reliability of the CRA
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Project Management Consulting Services – meet your timeline and leadership needs

  • We provide project management services in a variety of consulting areas including Ophthalmology, Central Nervous System, Dermatology, Immunology, Cardiovascular and many other areas!
  • Our project managers have run various studies with compounds that have achieved regulatory/FDA approvals and are currently available as OTC or prescription formulations
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Clinical Research Studies – providing new treatment options for patients

  • We conduct clinical research studies in the Austin (TX) area. Our studies provide new, exciting treatment options for patients and are overseen by board certified, highly skilled physicians (MDs)
  • Our studies typically offer compensation to patients, with study exams and medications provided at no cost to the patients
  • We conduct Ophthalmic (eye) studies with various conditions such as Dry Eyes, Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension, Eyelid disorders, etc.
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We are highly committed to serving the interests of our patients and providing premium products to our clients.